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Vegan MeatloafBy Jen BookerQuick and easy to prep and can be done 2 days in advance and kept in the fridge. Nice main event for a Sunday roast. Leftovers are great cold!
Dhal ParathaBy Jen BookerThese are amazing just as a snack or with any curry or dhal
Tofu Scramble Spice MixBy Jen BookerA spice mix that you can have ready to make a quick scrambled tofu for breakfast on toast or with a full fry up! Adapted from original recipe from it doesn't taste like chicken.
Chana DhalBy Jen BookerLovely simple dhal which is still tasty! Serve with some fresh greens, or with a vegan 'fish' cake or as a side to any Indian meal.
‘Egg yolk’ dipping sauceBy Jen BookerToast dipping sauce from 'it doesn't taste like chicken'. Great with toast in place of a boiled egg, or as a sauce for anything that requires this taste.
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