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Aloo Palak

Crusty white bread

Perfect crispy white loaf - works every time!

Aubergine Parmigiana w/ Pasta Marinara

Great pasta dish packed with flavour

Cultured cashew mozzarella

Creamy mozzarella which works as well cold on a caprese salad as it does melted on pizza or as mozzarella sticks.


Creamy, garlicky, dippy goodness

Mushroom gyoza

Crispy dumplings, perfect for a starter or snack.

Wok fried greens

Wagamama-style wok fried greens

Double Choc & Nut Cookies

Pret-style cookies - So good!!

King Oyster Mushroom Bacon

This is the most basic, and yet the best, vegan bacon recipe I have found!

Soy & mushroom burgers

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