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Soy Bacon Bits

Sprinkle on salads or baked potatoes, anything really that needs a smokey salty flavour!

ImBOSH!able Burger


Leek and Potato Soup

Easy, tasty and filling soup - perfect for warming your cockles on a cold winter's day!

Spaghetti Bolognese

Quick easy soy mince bolognese

Mushroom Ragu & Olive Oil Mash


Easy, quick and authentic-tasting aioli taken from Lauren Caris Cooks website

Romanesco & Chickpea Korma

Chana Masala with Kale

Very nutritious recipe from Eat Healthy Eat Happy

Coconut Curry Ramen

Yummy warming ramen, serve in deep bowls for super comfort food.

Spinach and Oyster Mushroom Risotto

Easy and very tasty Risotto
Adapted from recipe at

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