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Easy SconesBy Elisa BookerEasy and delicious scones - perfect served with jam and cream (or is it cream and jam??)
Lemon & Poppy Seed LoafBy Elisa BookerDelicious light spongey cake! Based on the recipe by amazing School Night Vegan.
Chow meinBy Elisa BookerAddictive noodles! Adapted from The Woks of Life recipe.
Keema RiceBy Elisa BookerEasy, spicy one-pot rice dinner
Amaretto SourBy Elisa BookerOk, so not strictly an 'eat' but who says you can't have a liquid lunch once in a while?!
GranolaBy Elisa BookerGreat, wholesome and tasty brekkie option adapted from the awesome School Night Vegan recipe.
King Oyster Scallops in Garlic ButterBy Elisa BookerHighly impressive dinner party starter! Adapted from The Edgy Veg recipe. (Highly recommend using the discarded pieces of mushroom to make 'bacon' to sprinkle on top - see separate 'king oyster mushroom bacon' for instructions.)
Beyond Lasagne…By Elisa BookerAdapted from School Night Vegan's recipe...this blew our minds - so good!
Cultured cashew mozzarellaBy Elisa BookerCreamy mozzarella which works as well cold on a caprese salad as it does melted on pizza or as mozzarella sticks.
AioliBy Elisa BookerCreamy, garlicky, dippy goodness
Mushroom gyozaBy Elisa BookerCrispy dumplings, perfect for a starter or snack.
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