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Aquafaba Butter

Taken from Nina's Recipe - this is so close to butter-tasting it's a bit freaky! You can add garlic in the final stage before chilling to create a garlic butter or any other appropriate favouring you choose!

Carrot Cake w/ Lemon Icing

Delicious moist vegan carrot cake

Asian spicy coconut more-than noodle soup

Fragrant, spicy, all round delicious meal

Squid-style salt and pepper oyster mushrooms

This is a great starter for a dinner party or just as an indulgent lunchtime snack! The mushrooms can also be substituted for tofu.

Vegan fish sauce

Great vegan version of the classic Asian ingredient to substitute in any recipe

Ikea cream sauce

This is a vegan version of the cream sauce you get with the meatballs at ikea! Serve this over the veg balls you can buy from ikea or over anything that suits!

Donburi Japanese rice bowl

Ginger Cake

Veggie Pot Pie

These pies are so yummy! Really unique flavour. Great for Sunday dinner with all the trimmings!

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