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Tempeh Tikka Masala

Rich, tasty and easy tikka masala. Can easily substitute the tempeh for tofu, chickpeas, veggies.

Cashew Parmesan

Asian Quinoa Salad with Miso Aubergine

Easy and quick but impressive-tasting meal. You can adjust to include any veggies you like in the salad and it makes a great lunch the following day.

Vegan Oven Risotto with Pesto

A fantastic and quick risotto.

Satay sweet potato curry

A simple and quick mid week meal

By Chloe Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Sweet Potato Lasagne

A fantastic quick and simple alternative to the traditional lasagne!

Greek Mushroom Ragu & Olive Oil Mash

A nice winter warmer

Simple Greens

Simple but delicious greens

Chana Masala (Alternate lower fat version!)

This chana masala packs a punch - great zingy flavour and retains creaminess without using any cream/coco milk!

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