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Sausage, Mash and Onion Gravy

This is perfect comfort food.
Don't be impatient with the onions! Let them do their thing!

Macaroni with Squash Sauce (this will fool the kids!)

Great substitute for macaroni cheese. My son absolutely loves this!

Crispy kale

This is great as a little snack on its own or to accompany meals.
It has a great crunch and is quite salty so is almost like a seasoning.
Some people say it tastes a bit like crispy seaweed.
My son loves this too but I leave out the chilli for him!

Balsamic mushrooms & guac on toast

This is a great filling breakfast or a quick lunch if you're at home.

Leek, Potato and blue style Sheese Soup

If you make this ahead of time or to freeze, leave out the cream and Sheese and stir in a few minutes before serving

Fried Rice

This is great, you can add stuff and leave stuff out. Its a good one on a busy day to just throw together from what you have in your cupboard

Jen’s Guacamole

This is obvious but necessary!
On a wrap, on toast for breakfast, with chilli, in a sandwich, with crisps!
Best ever

Mega Bean Chilli

This is amazing with rice, in a burrito or with a baked potato!

The best dhal in the world!