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Indian Roti

Yields1 ServingPrep Time55 minsCook Time5 minsTotal Time1 hr

Indian flat bread - perfect for saucy curries!

 1/2 tsp dried yeast
 1/8 tsp sugar
 250g strong white bread flour
 1/2 tsp salt

add the yeast and sugar to 1 TBSP warm and leave for 15 minutes to become frothy


Sift flour and salt into a large bowl and once ready, add the yeast mix and around 135ml water


Make into a dough and knead for around 10 mins then make into 2 balls


Cover and place somewhere warm for 30 mins to prove


Pre heat over to 200 degrees celsius


Roll dough out to around 30cm discs, add to a pre heated baking tray and cook for around 5 minutes until dough is puffy and starts to brown.


Serve immediately


(You can add a little chopped garlic and coriander once discs are rolled out to add a bit more flavour!)

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 2 large rotis (covers 4 people if also having rice)