Cashew Cream / Sour Cream

By Jen Booker

November 26, 2016

This is great to add to all sort of recipes that call for a cream, or as a side for chilli, curry etc.

  • Cook: 25 mins


Cashew Cream

100g cashew nuts

100ml water

Add For Sour Cream

Lemon juice

Cider vinegar



Cashew Cream

1Boil the cashew nuts in plenty of water for 20 minutes

2Blitz the cashew nuts in a blender with the 100ml water for 2 minutes until smooth

3For a thinner cream add more water (or some wine for a lasagne type white sauce)

Add For Sour Cream

1For sour cream add lemon juice, cider vinegar and salt to taste as you blend

2Keep tasting as you blend to ensure the right taste for you!


1 Review

Elisa Booker

January 4, 2017

Great addition to the super bean chilli!

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